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                  Anyang Quanfeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
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                  Anyang Quanfeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

                  Anyang Quanfeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd is one of the biggest Uniconazole manufacturer and exporter in China. We can produce 3000MT per year.

                  Physical & Chemical Features:
                  Common Name: Uniconazole
                  Chemical Name: (E)-1-(4-chlorophenyl)-4,4-dlmethyl-2-(1H-1,2,4-trlazole-1-yl)pent-1-en-3-ol
                  Molecular Formula: C15H18ClN3O
                  Molecular Weight: 291.8
                  CAS No.: 83657-22-1

                  Uniconazole is plant growth regulator, systemic and conductive upward, and whose E-type activities is 10 times more that that of paclobutrazol. lt has the effects of dwarfing crop plants. resisting to lodging of crops,facilitating the formation of flower bud and raising crop yield, etc.

                  It is plant growth regulator of tirazole and an biosynthesis antagonist by gibberellic acid with strong function on growth inhibition. It inhibits elongation of internodal cells and retards plant growth. The reagent conducts all through the inner plant. It promotes effective tillering, dwarf plants, control spindling, prevention lodging, flowering and fruiting, increasing yield after spraying.Other information about precautions, first-aid poisoning, storage and transport and other matters, please notice the tags of products.

                  Type: Plant Growth Retardant

                  Main Preparations:
                  1) Uniconazole 95% Technical Grade
                  2) Uniconazole 5% Suspension Concentrate
                  3) Uniconazole 5% Emulsifiable Concentrate


                  Item Standard


                  White powder

                  Purity: 95%Min
                  Water: 0.5%Max

                  Insoluble matter in acetone:




                  1) Uniconazole is plant growth regulator, such as a GA synthesis inhibitor include height control for antilodging in cereal crops,chemical pruning and height control in fruit trees, plant size control in ornamental species ,and growth control in turf, weeds, vine, shrubs and trees.
                  2) It also can be used as increasing reproductive growth (flower and fruit set ), and improve plant resistance to environmental stress.

                  1) 25kg fiber drums with PE film
                  2) 200kg plastic drums


                  Toocle Anyang Quanfeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
                  Anyang Quanfeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

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